Public Safety: Michael's #1 Priority - Police, Fire, EMS/EMT

Michael is District 2’s strongest supporter of Public Safety. No one wants to live, do business, or grow a family in a city they do not feel safe in. Unfortunately, Dallas is in decline and Public Safety needs to be addressed immediately; which is why Michael has made it his top priority. The current city council voted to defund our police department $7 Million Dollars, Michael Pledges to restore and increase funding to our First Responders. 

  • In 2020, There was 253 Homicides in Dallas. a 23% Increase from 2019
  • In 2019, Dallas experienced it’s highest Crime Rate in over 15 years 
  • Dallas’ Murder Rate is 90% Higher than the rest of the country
  • The Average Response time for a Priority 1 Call is 9 minutes 
  • in 2018, The DPD was forced to abolish it’s VICE Squad 
  • Property Theft in Dallas is now Higher than Chicago – Our Current DA Has Stated they will not prosecute property theft under $750
  • Last year, there was 30% More Violent Assaults and Gang Related Drive By Shootings have increased 148% over the past few years.
  • Dallas is an epicenter of the Worst Human Rights Violation in our recent History: Human Trafficking. In Dallas alone, it is a $99M/year industry and an average of 400 people are Trafficked in Dallas EVERY DAY  


A Safer Dallas For All Citizens. We need to ensure our First Responders are provided the proper Funding and Resources they need to be able to combat the increasing crime levels in Dallas. Michael Supports: 

  • Restore and increase Funding for both Police and Fire Departments 
  • Support The Re-establishment of the VICE Squad to Combat the WORST HUMANS RIGHTS VIOLATION IN OUR RECENT HISTORY – Human Trafficking 
  • Establish Cyber Security Task Force to Combat the growing issues of Human and Drug Trafficking operating online in Dallas
  • Hire up to an additional 2500 Diverse DPD Officers to reflect our Diverse Dallas (Currently there is approx. 1 officer per 1300 Citizens) 
  • Demand the DA enforce our laws and stop giving criminals a free pass to steal 
  • Improve the existing infrastructure and equipment our DFD Desperately needs
  • Support a needed Increase of service fees for DFD to avoid our DFD turning into a Fire District. Let’s Take care of OUR City. 
  • Fix, Protect, and Fully Fund our First Responders Pension AT ALL COSTS. Promises were made and those Promises need to be kept. 
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