Meet Michael

A Fresh Perspective From A New Point Of View

Michael was born in the Chicago suburbs, later attending Western Illinois University. Upon graduation, Michael moved to Dallas, TX, where he has spent his entire adult life. Michael has been working the past 5 years to place Registered Nurses in local Dallas area Hospitals. He is the proud owner of two local shelter dogs, and has been actively involved in the greater Dallas community as a volunteer. He devoted his time and energy to make Dallas a better place to live.

Michael left Chicago for Texas to enjoy the strong state & local economies, and the inherent, traditional Texas values. After a local violent shooting occurred, impacting the community around him, he felt called to action and was prompted to begin his campaign for City Council in District 2.

Michael’s top priorities he will fight for while serving as the councilman for District 2 are:
•Public safety for all citizens
•Improvement of infrastructure
•Local Economic Development
•Cutting out the bureaucratic waste of our tax dollars
•Property Tax Relief

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